Amazing giveaway!

I bet you all know Sheree's blog and website.
She's an amazing sewer and allways have the most beautiful fabrics.
I allways get a bit crazy when she post about her sewing room and her fabrics... Isn't that insane??? I could live amoung all those fabrics :D

And now Sheree's having a "ridiculously good" (her words) giveaway! And I have to agree with her :D Take a look and try your chance to win:)


Beach house

This little fabric house is for a swap. The swap theme is birds & houses and these are my favorite subjects.
I'm still waiting for some gorgeous fabrics I bought (with birds, houses and... birdcages).
I've also bought a gorgeous kitchen towell with birds. I hope my swap partner likes my parcel. I know I'd love it :)
For the fabric house I've chosen a gougeous linen with red stripes with an aqua roof.
Isn't it cute?
I love that little fish in the side tag. In the back I've sewn a white seahorse.
And I've carved a birdhouse stamp. Well, at least I tried :)


I've been tagged

One of the fascinating things of blogging (and "flickring") is the fact that some times I make new friends (I've made a few good friends here) and know some nice persons, discover wonderful blogs and, most of the times, I "follow" some blogs and flickr pages that I love.
A few months ago I've found Torie Jayne. I believe I found her through flickr and now I visit her blog regularly. I love her pictures and her crafts!
And she was kind enough to give me this badge to honor- a badge of honor! Tag!Here are the rules. I have to:
Copy the logo and place it on my blog [done]
Link it back to the person who gave it to me [done]
Pass it on to five fellow bloggers [see in the end of the post]
List 10 things about myself. And here it is:

1. I'll be 36 next month and I love my Birthdays (it's a bit childish, but that's me...)
2. I'm married with a wonderful man. Not really married, but it's quite the same.
3. I love chocolate. Ice cream. Cakes. coockies. Well I love sugar in any form :)
4. I love to sew, but I hate to cut fabric. Some times I don't start a sewing project because I just don't feel like cutting fabric.
5. I'm a very calm person.
6. I love to see those wonderfully decorated houses that we often see in other people blogs and dreaming that my next house will be like a magazine home. And I realise that I could just do it now, in my actual home, but... it would be so much easier to start from zero... :)
7. I've adopted a dog, 2 years ago and she's such a good friend...
8. I love bold colors, but I just can't resist soft pastel colors (that's something I love in Torie's pictures...
9. I collect birdhouses. I think they are so decorative. I'm really a fan of everything that relates with birds. Birdhouses, birdcages, nests, And birds, of course.
10. I've met one of my best friends through flickr.

I now I'll pass the badge to:
1. Patrícia - A minha alegre casinha
2. Lena - Goudarte
3. Isabel - Rosa e chocolate
4. Aspirina - Aspirina eu mesma
5. Rute - Selenis


Esta é minha :) | This one is mine :)

Há uns meses atrás comprei um pouco deste tecido para fazer uma mala preta para mim. Andava há que tempos para fazer uma mala em preto, porque a única que tinha é de inverno e agora não apetece...
Some time ago I bought some of this fabric with the intent of making a handbag to myself.
Quando mostrei o tecido no flickr, surgiu logo uma amiga interessada. Fiz esta mala para a L. É reversível e tem 2 bolsos grandes.
When I posted the picture of the fabric on Flickr, a friend of mine asked me if I could use it to make her a bag, and I've made this reversible one:

Uns tempos depois, fui comprar mais tecido, porque o que tinha sobrado, não era suficiente para fazer outra mala. Comprei logo um pouco mais do que costumo comprar...

Fiz esta, com um forro preto de bolas brancas. Mas mal coloquei foto no flickr, ainda nem tinha escrito que era para mim, a C mostrou-se interessada e ficou com a mala :)

After I've bought some more fabric to make another bag. When I posted this picture on flickr, C asked if she could have it, even before I had the time to write on the post that this one would be mine :)Finalmente, decidi-me a fazer outra, desta feita, para mim!

Finally, I've decided to make another one, and this one is mine!É muito parecida com a anterior, mas os (3) bolsos internos são... cor de rosa, às flores :)

It'ssimilar to the previous one, but the (3) inside pockets are in... pink with flowers :)




Carteira # 48

A carteira # 48 foi feita com tecidos da linha Daisy chain da Amy Butler, em tons de verde. Esta tem espaço para 12 cartões de crédito/MB
2 bolsos grandes para cheques, notas, BI e outros cartões. E ainda um bolso com fecho de correr para as moedas.
Fecha com mola magnética.

Não está disponível


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