I've been tagged

One of the fascinating things of blogging (and "flickring") is the fact that some times I make new friends (I've made a few good friends here) and know some nice persons, discover wonderful blogs and, most of the times, I "follow" some blogs and flickr pages that I love.
A few months ago I've found Torie Jayne. I believe I found her through flickr and now I visit her blog regularly. I love her pictures and her crafts!
And she was kind enough to give me this badge to honor- a badge of honor! Tag!Here are the rules. I have to:
Copy the logo and place it on my blog [done]
Link it back to the person who gave it to me [done]
Pass it on to five fellow bloggers [see in the end of the post]
List 10 things about myself. And here it is:

1. I'll be 36 next month and I love my Birthdays (it's a bit childish, but that's me...)
2. I'm married with a wonderful man. Not really married, but it's quite the same.
3. I love chocolate. Ice cream. Cakes. coockies. Well I love sugar in any form :)
4. I love to sew, but I hate to cut fabric. Some times I don't start a sewing project because I just don't feel like cutting fabric.
5. I'm a very calm person.
6. I love to see those wonderfully decorated houses that we often see in other people blogs and dreaming that my next house will be like a magazine home. And I realise that I could just do it now, in my actual home, but... it would be so much easier to start from zero... :)
7. I've adopted a dog, 2 years ago and she's such a good friend...
8. I love bold colors, but I just can't resist soft pastel colors (that's something I love in Torie's pictures...
9. I collect birdhouses. I think they are so decorative. I'm really a fan of everything that relates with birds. Birdhouses, birdcages, nests, And birds, of course.
10. I've met one of my best friends through flickr.

I now I'll pass the badge to:
1. Patrícia - A minha alegre casinha
2. Lena - Goudarte
3. Isabel - Rosa e chocolate
4. Aspirina - Aspirina eu mesma
5. Rute - Selenis


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